Boat and Watercraft Insurance Coverage

Watercraft & RV Insurance

If you need help finding boat/watercraft insurance , our independent agents are standing by to assist you. All boaters should have insurance, just in case something happens while they’re on the water. At 7 Insurance, we have helped many boaters like you find the right type of insurance, and we’d be happy to go over policies with you, too.

What to Look For in Boat/Watercraft/RV Insurance

A boat/watercraft insurance policy is made up of specific coverages, each of which is spelled out in the policy’s terms and conditions. When you’re shopping for a policy, it’s important to make sure it includes the right types and levels of coverage for your needs. A few coverages you may want include:

  • Fuel spill liability coverage
  • Coverage for damage to your boat’s hull, sails and tackle
  • Coverage for your boat’s trailer
  • Bodily injury and medical payment coverage
  • Coverage for damage caused to other boats or property

This is only a sampling of the many coverages that a boat/watercraft insurance policy offers. Although these are some of the more common coverages, you may want other ones as well. One of our agents will be happy to review your situation and suggest appropriate types of coverage.

Finding Discounts on Boat/Watercraft/RV Insurance

Some insurance companies offer discounts on their boat/watercraft insurance policies. You might qualify for a:

  • Multi-policy discount
  • Clean driving record discount
  • Navigation-area discount
  • Boating safety course discount

About RV Insurance

Is RV Insurance Similar to Car Insurance?

Recreational vehicles, or RVs, are similar to cars because they are motorized. It is true that coverage has to meet the same standards as regular car, van, or truck insurance. However, recreational vehicles also function as homes, and that means more attention needs to be paid to the things kept inside of the RV. Along with clothes and other things needed for a vacation, an RV might also contain kitchen appliances, bedding, furniture, and other necessities of living. Also, campers can range from the size of a small truck or minivan to the size of a city bus. This all makes insuring a recreational vehicle a little more complicated than insuring a regular car.

Besides the kind of camper, insurers could also consider the amount it gets used, the driver's history of claims or tickets, and the general condition of the vehicle. RV owners can be assured of getting the right coverage and the most competitive premiums by relying upon an independent agency, like 7 Insurance, for assistance.

What to Know About RV Insurance

At 7 Insurance e, our independent agents will compare all of the boat/watercraft/RV policies available, looking at their coverages and discounts. We will find you the best coverage for the lowest price, regardless of the company that offers the policy. That’s the advantage of working with an independent agent at our insurance office.