Renters Insurance Coverages

Renters Insurance

Every person who signs a rental agreement, regardless of whether they are the tenant or landlord. Tenants need renters insurance to protect their belongings, and landlords need a fire dwelling policy to cover the building. Both of these policies, like most insurance policies, are best purchased through an independent insurance agent licensed in Tennessee.

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Renters Policies

Renters insurance provides coverage for renters’ belongings. Depending on the type of coverage included in the policy, it may be for the full replacement cost of the possessions or their depreciated value. When purchasing a renters policy, you should work closely with an agent who can help you determine how much coverage you need.

Fire Dwelling Policies

Fire dwelling policies provide coverage for what renters insurance doesn’t cover: the building. A fire dwelling policy is usually not as comprehensive as a homeowners policy, which includes coverage for both the building and possessions. Because fire dwelling insurance only covers the building, it is typically cheaper than a homeowner’s policy. You should still talk with an independent agent to find the lowest premiums on a policy, though.

Independent Insurance Agents

Only independent insurance agents, like those at 7 Insurance, are able to find you the cheapest renters or fire dwelling insurance policy. Other agents are only able to sell their company’s policies, but independent agents are appointed by many insurance providers and will shop athese insurance companies to find the policy with the lowest premiums. By using an independent insurance agent, you will save money each time you pay your premiums.

If you would like to see how your current renters or fire dwelling policy compares to others that are available, contact one of our agents today. They’re all independent and would love to help you.