Motorcycle Insurance Coverages

Motorcycle Insurance

Nearly every state requires everybody on its roadways to be financially responsible. That means anybody operating a motor vehicle in the state is required to have minimum liability insurance. That's not enough coverage for a car and its totally insufficient if you're on a motorcycle.

It doesn't take being in an accident with a motor vehicle to exhaust your liability insurance very quickly. All it takes is you and a passenger and some gravel on the road. You can lose control and the passenger can be ejected from the bike. That combination alone can put your passenger in intensive care for days.  You're going to be on the hook for the balance of the hospital and rehabilitation bills. There go your personal assets, including your bike.

We're independent insurance agents. Many of us own motorcycles too, so we realize the increased risks that motorcyclists assume. Because we're independent agents, we're tied in with numerous insurance companies as opposed to one single insurer that the agents for the "big three" work with. We're able to offer you many choices as to what company will insure you, the types of coverage you'll have and how your premiums are paid. Agents for the mega insurers can't do that. They're simply not permitted to.

Whether you're buying a new bike or just checking out coverage options, contact us, and we'll be pleased to work with you in finding an insurer for your specific needs. Our information is unbiased and objective. You can choose your own options from the multiple options you get. You'll be happy you called.